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March 1, 2024
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Launched & Managed by Richard Desarmes (Columbia GSB '04)

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The League Organization

The growth and accomplishments of the Black Ivy Alumni League are due in no small part to those alumni who have given so much of their time and energy. We are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated alumni body.

As we look forward to the coming year of changes and new beginnings, we would like to highlight and extend thanks to the alumni over the years who have given their support and leadership.

Maisha Walker
Princeton '94
National President
The Black Ivy Alumni League

BIAL Cities:

Los Angeles Leadership
Malena Jackson, Columbia University '05
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New York Leadership
Maisha Walker, Princeton '94
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Special Thanks for Your Leadership:
Honored Founding Leaders of The Black Ivy Alumni League

Ayana Green-Oliver, UPenn
Founding President 1998-2005

Maisha Walker, Princeton
Current President 2005-Present

Russell Malbrough, Brown
Stephanie Nichols, Yale
Khary Barnes, Cornell & Harvard Business School
Herbert Harriott, Columbia
Marsha Jones, Brown
Michael Daniels, Columbia
Chris Rabb, Yale
Vernon Gatling, UPenn Wharton
Jodyann Blagrove, Brown '98
Ed Brockenbrough, Brown
John Brown, Brown
Justin Coles, Brown '11

Deidre-Ann Harper, Brown '00

Marsha Jones, Brown '76
Joelle Murchison, Brown '95, Harvard '99
Ofiji Parris, Brown '98, '99
Tiffani Scott, Brown '98
Kim Wright, Brown '90
Monique Alves, Columbia '09
Vanessa Anderson, Barnard College '07
Binta Brown, Barnard '95, Columbia Law '98
Joe Brown, Columbia
Marjorie Coismain, Columbia GSB '03
Richard Desarmes, Columbia GSB '04
Devaughn Fowlkes, Columbia '04
Malla Haridat, Columbia '97
Herbert Harriott, Columbia '01
Malena Jackson, Columbia '05
Tiwana Jackson, Columbia '04
Angelique Jewell, Columbia '98, Penn GSE '04
Elon D. Johnson, Columbia '98
Nakeyshia Kendall, Columbia
Petra Lewis, Columbia '92 & '98
Jezabel Paulino, Columbia GSB '09
Sandra Philippeaux, Columbia '99
Rory Wilfork, Columbia '97
Courtney Wilkins, Columbia '07
Jennifer Williford, Columbia
Kim Allman, Cornell Law '05
Khary Barnes, Cornell '02, HBS '08
Christina Blacken, Cornell '10
Marlon Brownlee, Cornell '84
Michael Daniels, Cornell '99
Gerald Fils, Cornell '03
Andre Francois, Cornell '90
Linda Gadsby-Baptiste, Cornell '90
Justin Giles, Cornell '05
Shana Alexandria Gillis, Cornell University '99
Kimberly Hawkins, Cornell '01
Laura Hemans, Cornell '87
Jessica Ingram, Cornell '92
Katrina James, Cornell
Ruby Saake, Cornell '84
Stephanie Stephens, Cornell '91, Fordham '98
Inger Burnett-Zeigler, Cornell '02
Clifton C. Berry, Dartmouth '96
Latia Curry, Dartmouth '98
Arika Easley, Dartmouth '98, Columbia '01
Will Griffin, Dartmouth, Harvard Law
Garrett Hornsby, Dartmouth '87
Kisha Nunez, Dartmouth '98

Dana Orr, Dartmouth '01

Gwen Pointer, Dartmouth
Tracey Salmon-Smith, Dartmouth
Zaheer Ali, Harvard
Jody Armour, Harvard
Kenneth Austin, Harvard, Harvard Law
Shareea Butler, Harvard '09
Chris-Tia Donaldson, Harvard '00, '03
Angela Dorn, Harvard
Buddy Fletcher, Harvard
Taa Grays, Harvard '94
Kourtney James, Harvard '02
Kofi Kankam, Harvard '97, Harvard '98, Wharton '04
Kevin McGruder, Harvard
Alison Moore, Harvard '97
Saratu Nafziger, Harvard '05
Tanya Odom, Harvard '98
Kirk Parks, Harvard '92
Dina Paul-Parks, Harvard '93
Mark Price, Harvard
Cynthia Serrano, Harvard
Charles Vick, Harvard '98, HBS
Jacklyn E. Bruce, Princeton '99
Tshaka Cunningham, Princeton '96
Rahsaan Diaz, Princeton
Kevin C. Hudson, Princeton '97, Penn GSE '08
Ugwunna Ikpeowo, Princeton '96
Marguerite MaVie, Princeton
Dominique Reese, Princeton '06
Corey Riley, Princeton '98
Karen Ruffin, Princeton '86
Amanda Samuel, Princeton
Emanuel Slater, Princeton '98
Sergio Sotolongo, Princeton
Eric White, Princeton
Kevin Allen, UPenn '95
W. Arthur Bennett, UPenn Wharton '96
Nechelle Feaster, UPenn '95
Suzanne Jenkins, UPenn
Ken Shillingford, UPenn '90, Columbia '93
Ayanna Taylor, UPenn '94
Konrad Trewick, UPenn
Veta Byrd, Yale Law School '99
Heather Davis, Yale '95, Columbia Law '98
Reema El-Amamy, Yale Law '04
Nike Irvin, Yale
Nicolas King, Yale '98
Ron Llewellyn, Yale '94, UPenn Law '99
Stefanie Nicholas, Yale '97
Hugh Price, Amherst, Yale Law
Susan Puryear, Yale
Christopher Rabb, Yale '92
Beatrice Sibblies, Yale
Maxim Thorne, Yale
Erica Turnipseed, Yale'93, Columbia '99
Rosalind Wiggins, Yale, Stanford Law


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