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December 3, 2021
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Hurricane Relief Efforts

Below is a list of hurricane relief efforts we have received from alumni and other concerned and helpful sources. Please note that the organizations, Web sites and descriptions provided are independent from The Black Ivy Alumni League. Our goal with this list is to share as much information as possible, as a resource to all those who want to help.

We encourage all alumni to get involved in the way best suited to your talents and resources, and to check each organization to confirm its reputability and that its goals are aligned with the ways in which you want to give.

Ivy League Schools Response
Financial Donations
Donation of Goods
Housing Donations and Information
Other Donations & Initiatives
Lists of Safe and Missing Family Members
List of Sentors and Congresspeople


Perks Jazz Club
Sunday, September 25
553 Manhattan Avenue (Corner of 123rd Street)
More Info: Pauline Vuong pvuong@us.loreal.com212-414-5144

Remember New Orleans
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
@ Crobar 530 West 28th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues) 7:30pm

Suggested Donations: $2,000 Executive Committee (write or raise; invitation listing; VIP & open bar), $1,000 Host (write at least $150 and raise; invitation listing; VIP & open bar), $150 Great American (write only; VIP & open bar), $100 Hero (gold star), $75 First Responder (silver star), $50 Volunteer (bronze star), $25 General Admission. Contributions may be made to a Katrina Relief organization of your choice. We ask that you donate on-line and bring a paper copy of the receipt with you. Alternatively, you may write a check or present cash at the door.

Sponsored by: Aaron Ganaway & Richard Rochester, Adam Henry, alphabet city design + marketing LLC, AsOne, Assorted Flavors Entertainment, Big Business Entertainment, Black Diamonds Lifestyle Group, Black Velvet Rope Entertainment LLC, BX.4 Entertainment, Cary Hall, Chocolat, Harlem, Creme Magazine, Dennis Funny, Dewar's 12, Dime Media, Dow Twins/, EarCandyNYC, FCG Media, Inc, Frontline Marketing & Promotions, Inc, Gary Grant, GFC Entertainment Group, HODGE PODGE, Joe Branch, Kenny Johnson, Khary Barnes, Make It Happen Entertainment Inc., MIHicon, Mocca Lounge, Harlem, NeoFam, New York Hampton Alumni Club, Inc., Painting it Red, Inc., Penthouse Entertainment, Power Company, Inc., Profusion Entertainment, Queens Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi, Rat Pack Communications, Robert Smith, Sing Sing 2000 Entertainment, SOCIALSTEP.COM, Stand-Firm Entertainment Inc., StepCorrect, Strive Magazine, The 21st Century Foundation, The FUE Network, The Joint Interest Group, Inc., The Life, The Micheck Entertainment Group Inc., The NetLinkz Group, Inc, The Persaud Brothers, The Soleil Group, The Underground Network, Wytehouse Marketing
More Info: RSVP to us at

"Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief"
Friday Sept. 9, 7pm - 3am
@ NY PERKS 193 Smith St. downtown Brooklyn {Warren & Baltic}
More Info: 212-414-5144

New York Princeton Alumni Katrina Fund
The New York alumni community is already planning at least two events which will raise funds for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. I and a few classmates from 2005 have incorporated a nonprofit, the New York Princeton Alumni Katrina Fund, to accept donations and forward to appropriate organizations. We are still in the planning stages, but are in the process of securing dates and venues for a happy hour in the next two weeks and a formal dinner in the next month, both at Louisiana restaurants in Manhattan. We will be auctioning student/alumni art and other items at both events. So far these efforts have the sponsorship of the Princeton Association of New York City, the Princeton Women's Network of New York City, the Association of Black Princeton Alumni, the Association of Latino Princeton Alumni, the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni, and the Classes of 2002, 2004, and 2005.
More Info:

The Little Stuff Fund
The Little Stuff Fund is partnering with independent musicians to host a series of benefit concerts. Part of the money raised will go to our education efforts. Our fund is trying to think long term and will be running the concerts over the next few months. We are working with educators in the area to get the money to the students and/or teachers who need assistance. If you are interested in joining one of these efforts OR are an educator from the area please feel free to contact me. We don't have much funds now, but are actively trying to connect with folks who can get the funds where they are needed.
More Info: Susan Ipri Brown '93

Ivy League Schools Response:







University of Pennsylvania


1 Year Free Tuition at HBCU's & Illinois Schools
Students who attended school at Dillard, Xavier, or Tulane may attend a select 10-15 HBCU's, Chicago State, Governor's State, Northern Illinois, Western Illinois, or any other Illinois university at no charge this school year.
More Info: College Placement Office of Trinity United Church of Christ at (773) 298-1590.

Financial Donations:

Mississippi School Boards Association    * NEW *
Organization for school board members in Mississippi. Coordinating Adopt-a-School and accepting financial donations and donations of supplies.
More Info:

Charity Navigator
Provides guidelines for donating and a list of charities assisting in the relief effort.
More Info:

The NAACP has been sending buses into the Gulf states to help with evacuation efforts. They've opened an emergency command center in Biloxi, MS, and have other resources available. They are also partnered with
More Info:

United Negro College Fund
Donate money to displaced black college students via the United Negro College Fund. The academic year won't be starting for many students from affected areas.
More Info:

Network for Good
Network for Good has a one-page list of non-profits to which you can donate money to help with emergency evacuation, children and families, and rebuilding efforts.
More Info:

The Sparkplug Foundation
The Sparkplug Foundation has a list of funding and volunteering options with organizations doing grassroots relief work that focuses on people of color and poor people, especially groups that are run by, or accountable to people of color and economically devastated communities.
More Info:

Tides Foundation
Tides Foundation has a Rapid Response Disaster Relief Fund that specializes in relief projects that serve those most in need and most forgotten or disenfranchised from traditional relief organizations.
More Info:

The Atlanta Red Cross

LISTA and Diverse Community
Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association and Diverse Community pledge continuous support through Shopwithpurpose Program to Aid in Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts.
More Info:,

The Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

Donation of Goods:

Mississippi School Boards Association    * NEW *
Organization for school board members in Mississippi. Coordinating Adopt-a-School and accepting financial donations and donations of supplies.
More Info:

Project Backpack
The group is assembling backpacks with school supplies, books, and some personal items for kids displaced by the hurricane.
More Info:

George R. Brown Convention Center
a shelter for evacuees
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, TX 77010

Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless is taking contributions as well as providing food and clothing.
More Info: 404-755-3353

Housing Donations and Information:

Websites attempting to link those offering housing with the people who need it, if you are interested in offering a guest room, basement, or other space.

Katrina Housing

MoveOn/Hurricane Housing

Share Your Home


PART-15.ORG in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) is preparing a Disaster Relief effort in support of and to reestablish communications in the Disaster area after Hurricane Katrina.
More Info:

Red Cross
Volunteer Services 404-870-4425

Other Donations & Initiatives:    * NEW *
More Info:

Job Corps Makes 4000 Spots Available for Young Adults Impacted by Hurricane Katrina    * NEW *
Includes local One-Stop Career Centers for job opportunities and training.
More Info:

Adopt-a-School/Mississippi School Boards Association    * NEW *
Organization for school board members in Mississippi. Coordinating Adopt-a-School and accepting financial donations and donations of supplies.
More Info:

The League of Pissed Off Voters
The League of Pissed Off Voters has a New Orleans Fund, money donated goes to their work of building a team of media, organizing and advocacy-savvy Nawleans refugees who are ready to write op-eds, fight, advocate, support their displaced neighbors during this crisis, and work for New Orleans to be restored in a way that includes the input of ordinary people!
More Info:

Noah's Wish
Dedicated to animal rescue
More Info:

New Orleans Network
In about 24-36 hours, website will be functional as a way for people to connect with and support the New Orleans survivors in their area, It will also be a way for New Orleans residents to find each other in their exile communities and organize to take back their city and make sure that it is rebuilt in ways that serve ALL New Orleans residents. There will be exile community bulletin boards, discussion boards, resource listings, advocacy how-to sheets, events calendars, etc.
More Info:

Neighborhood Story Project
As the Neighborhood Story Project, Abram and Rachel will spend the next 4 months working with New Orleans high school students to document the stories of people living in the Astrodome. They are in the process of reprinting the original Neighborhood Story Project Books at a printshop in Houston. The original books, each written by a highschool student about their neighborhood in New Orleans, were the best-selling books in New Orleans over the summer, behind Harry Potter 6. All remaining copies were destroyed in the flooding. Anyone who wants to help get their local independent bookstore to take a box of these incredible books to sell as a way to raise money for relief and recovery, and as a way to get out the amazing stories of the people and neighborhoods of New Orleans, please contact me at Abram and Rachel will need to raise thousands of dollars to reprint the books and get them shipped out to bookstores. Information about how to help will come soon, when they can get some sort of bank accounts and 501c3 organization in Houston after the holiday weekend.
More Info:

Adopt a Town/Adopt a Library
I am interested in promoting some sort of adopt a town, also and separately adopt a library. the idea would be for my town, lake oswego oregon to adopt a town in the katrina area and assist them in any way feasible. Same approach but different using the lake oswego public library. I need suggestions as to what town, what library (or library need) I could use to interest the town leadership here, and the library leadership. The town should perhaps be around 100k pop and the library need more or less the same as a town of that size. Don't commit, just give me a place to start negotiating. and this could be for both short term assistance or long term or both. If you can be specific about the services that you envision that would help, but we can start from any level. I have no commitments here so don't represent this as any more than one Princitonian's idea about how to share our resources. Thanks, J R (Bob) Talbott '48.

Refugee Radio
Houston volunteers and families displaced by Katrina build 'Refugee Radio' at Houston Astrodome need for 10,000+ radios before station can go on air.
More Info: (word doc)

Lists of Safe and Missing Family Members:

A number of efforts are connecting displaced Hurricane Katrina victims with their loved ones.

Life List

Gulf Coast Database http://Wx.Gulfcoastnews.Com/Katrina/Status.Aspx

Cnn Safe List http://www.Cnn.Com/Specials/2005/Hurricanes/List/

MSNBC "Looking For" And "Safe" Database http://www.Msnbc.Msn.Com/Apps/Connect/Search.Aspx?N=a&i=2/

Red Cross http://www.Familylinks.Icrc.Org/Katrina/Locate

Homeland Security's Homeport http://Homeport.Uscg.Mil/Mycg/Portal/Ep/Home.Do

Salvation Army Emergency Radio Requests http://www.Tsasw.Org/Qso/Healthandwelfare.Asp

New Orleans Missing Persons Forum (Nola.Com) http://www.Nola.Com/Forums/Searching/

Nola Safe Forum http://www.Nola.Com/Forums/Imok/Index.Ssf?Initial=true

Craig'S List - Missing In New Orleans http://Neworleans.Craigslist.Org/Laf/

Craig'S List - Missing In Baton Rouge http://Batonrouge.Craigslist.Org/Laf/

Craig'S List - Missing In Jackson, Ms http://Jackson.Craigslist.Org/Laf/

Craig'S List - Missing In Mobile http://Mobile.Craigslist.Org/Laf/

Craig'S List - Dispaced In Houston http://Houston.Craigslist.Org/Laf/

Next Of Kin Registry http://Pleasenotifyme.Org/Nok/Restricted/Home.Htm

Wsdu - New Orleans - Safe Board By Parrish http://www.Wdsu.Com/News/4918877/Detail.Html

New Orleans Pundit Boards http://www.Nopundit.Com/Bb/

Katrina Bulletin Boards http://Forums.Worldnow.Com/Groupee

Survived Katrina Boards http://Survivedkatrina.Proboards54.Com/

Katrina Lost http://Katrinaslost.Com/Connect/

Katrina Finder http://www.Katrinafinder.Us/

Pensacola News Database http://Community.Pensacolanewsjournal.Com/Cgi-bin/Yabb/Yabb.Cgi

Houston Chronicle Displaced Boards http://Forums.Chron.Com/N/Pfx/Forum.Aspx?Webtag=hc-katrina

Katrina Survivor Electronic Messages http://www.Katrina-messages.Org/

Wwl-tv - Safe Boards http://www.Wwltv.Com/

Louisiana Storm Forum http://www.Houmatoday.Com/

Mississippi Sun Herald Board http://Forums.Sunherald.Com/N/Mb/Listsf.Asp?Webtag=kr-biloxkatrina

Katrina Family & Friends Boards http://Katrinafamiliesandfriends.Com/Phpbb2/Index.Php

Missing In Mississippi http://www.Al.Com/Forums/Missing/

Family Messages http://www.Familymessages.Org/

Survivor Connection http://Connect.Castpost.Com/

Now Public: Missing Persons Board http://www.Nowpublic.Com/Node/17228

Survivors Reunited

List for the Senate and Congress:




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