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October 19, 2019
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New York City
July 25

3rd Bi-Annual Black Ivy Alumni Gala

Maisha Walker (Princeton '94)

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Launched & Managed by Richard Desarmes (Columbia GSB '04)

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The League Photo Archives

9/20/2009 - Los Angeles Black Ivy Alumni League Pooslide Networking Mixer hosted by Malena Jackson (Columbia '05)

6/25/2009 - Los Angeles Black Ivy Alumni League Hollywood Networking Mixer hosted by Malena Jackson (Columbia '05)

5/20/2009 - NYC IPC and Black Ivy Alumni League Networking Happy Hour hosted by Tiffani Scott (Brown '98)

4/23/2009 - NYC Springtime Cocktails & Conversation April 2009 hosted by Tiffani Scott (Brown '98)

3/25/2009 - NYC Springtime Cocktails & Conversation March 2009 hosted by Tiffani Scott (Brown '98)

2/27/2009 - DC The Black Ivy Alumni League Presents Carnival in DC hosted by Gerald Fils (Cornell '03)

2/25/2009 - NYC A Black History Month Networking Event hosted by Tiffani Scott (Brown '98)

2/19/2009 - Houston Houston Black Ivy League Happy Hour hosted by Veta Byrd, (Yale Law School '99) & Kourtney James (Harvard College '02)

12/20/2008 - NYC Annual Bridging the Gap Student & Alumni Holiday Event hosted by Malla Haridat, Columbia '97 and Co-Hosted by ABPA, BAC, IPC NY and BADA

6/8/2008 - Chicago Sunday Brunch with The Black Ivy Alumni League & The University of Chicago Black Alumni hosted by Kwabena Holder (University of Chicago)

3/27/2008 - DC Get Yours! Women's History Month Keynote Address by Amy DuBois Barnett hosted by Jodyann Blagrove (Brown '98), Petra E. Lewis (Columbia '92 and '98)

2/28/2008 - DC Celebrate Black Herstory Month & The Women Who Make it Every Day hosted by Gerald Fils (Cornell '03)

11/26/2007 - NYC CareerNet: JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon hosted by Petra Lewis (Columbia '92 and '98) & The NYC CareerNet Team

7/27/2006 - Los Angeles League Happy Hour at Nic's Martini Lounge hosted by Reema El-Amamy (Yale Law '04) & Elon D. Johnson (Columbia '98)

7/19/2006 - Chicago Chapter Official Inagural Event hosted by Deidre-Ann Harper (Brown '00)

11/8/2005 - NYC Macallan Scotch Tasting with Brand Ambassador Casper MacRae

11/3/2005 - The Art of Getting What You Want - how to negotiate everything better, CareerNet event with Lee Miller, HLS

10/23/2004 - The Black Presence in the Ivy League - Where Do We Go From Here? Pan-Ivy National Conference Afterparty

10/22-23/2004 - The Black Presence in the Ivy League - Where Do We Go From Here? Pan-Ivy National Conference

5/1/2003 - New Directions in Community Development with Cory Booker, Maurice Coleman, King Downing, Basil Smikle, Jr., and Moderator, Esmeralda Simmons

3/2004 - Atlanta Black Ivy Alumni League Mixer

4/1/2003 - The League Participated in the March on Washington in Support of the University of Michigan's Affirmative Action Policies

2/27/03 - Career Panel at Public School 9, Teunis G. Bergen Learning Center

1/11/03 - League Volunteers for the ABAFOILSS College Fair

10/19/2002 - The League Volunteers during NYC Cares Day

6/19/2002 - The League Website Launch Party

5/8/2001 - U.N. World Conference Against Racism Panel Featuring Gil Noble of "Like It Is."

9/14/2000 - Barbara Greene Fine Art Gallery

10/29/1999 - Fall Event with Alumnus Hugh Price, President and CEO of the National Urban League.



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