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December 3, 2021
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  Name:   Eldridge Brown
Month: March/April 2004
Schools: Brown, B.A., 2002
Organization: Brown University Education Alliance
Title: Office Research Assistant

"Singing is my life and writing my best friend."

On any given day, you can find this recent Brown alum of 2002 at work, at home, in the mall, or on the street serenading those walking close enough to hear him with new melodies. If he is not doing that, Eldridge is either scribbling down lyrics on a sheet of paper or he is performing at one of the local venues.

A performer since birth, Eldridge was raised in Gary, Indiana and just as much reared on music and self-expression as he was on milk and meat. Add to this his attendance at a performing arts high school as well as his numerous local performances, and you get an understanding of the raw materials that fueled him to do music at Brown. Once there, Eldridge studied Political Science inside the classroom and performed with the a capella group, Shades of Brown, outside of it. His experiences in Shades of Brown blessed him with daily opportunities to develop his craft for harmony, melody, song structure/arrangement, and, most importantly, performance.

Eldridge blends his particular brand of R&B from many sources, including the piano-based emotional crescendos of Donnie Hathaway, the soulful lyrical insights of Stevie Wonder, and the expert vocal techniques of Michael Jackson. All of these influences lend themselves to a sound and vocal performance that is true and inspirational.

When Eldridge is not working on music, he is putting his time and energy into educational reform. As an office research assistant for Brown University's Education Alliance, Eldridge contributes to making the Equity Assistance division of the organization more visible and useful by developing content for its web site. He also provides office support through assisting specialists with implementation and execution of conferences.

In addition to his musical aspirations and work life, Eldridge sings tenor/baritone for Woonsocket's First Baptist Church Choir. He also volunteers for Project AIDS Khmer, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the health of communities in Cambodia.

Eldridge's near future goals include moving to New York next year to be in one of the centers of the music world. He also has a high goal of maturing as an entertainer/artist, as he evolves as a person.

Eldridge Brown
401 301-2497
401 274-9548, ext. 334



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