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December 3, 2021
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  Name:   Dr. Christopher Metzler
Month: June 2011
Schools: The University of Aberdeen PhD Law 1994
Columbia University MA (Human Rights) 2007
Oxford University MST (Law Degree)2000
Organization: Georgetown University
Title: Associate Dean

Named one of the top 25 Scholars to watch by Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Dr. Christopher Metzler is Associate Dean in the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University.

Prior to joining Georgetown University he was on the faculty at Cornell University's ILR School where he directed the EEO and Diversity Studies program. At Cornell, Dr. Metzler pioneered standards, practices and competencies for diversity and human capital professionals. He also developed the first certification program for professionals at Cornell University.

Prior to entering higher education, he headed the strategic issues and research practice at an international consulting firm and provided advice to multinational corporations and governments on human rights, human capital, equality, corporate social responsibility, discrimination and diversity.
He is currently leading the research efforts for building a diverse and inclusive Mexican Society as well as researching the role of culture and well being in Corporate Social Responsibility for Centro Fox, the think tank of former Mexican President Vincente Fox. His dynamic and engaging presentations globally is motivated by the reality of diversity, global employment practices, corporate social responsibility, human rights, human resources and comparative employment systems.

His academic and practical experience has resulted in his being widely regarded as an expert in: human capital, human rights law, race and culture, constitutional law and related areas.

His academic research is inspired by a desire to investigate the challenges facing an increasingly global world and the connections between law, courts and society. As a legal scholar, his research has focused on issues as diverse as The USA Patriot Act and The United States Constitution to the role of the courts in defining race.

His work is published in scholarly journals and edited volumes. In addition, he has reviewed books in multiple disciplines including: law, human rights, human resources, human relations, political history and others. He is also a reviewer for The Human Relations Journal.

Dr. Metzler appears regularly on The O'Reiley Factor and Fox News Strategy Room and News Channel 8 where he provides expert commentary on U.S. and global affairs, politics, human rights, human capital, diversity and related issues.

He travels extensively speaking to colleges, organizations and businesses in the United States and globally.

He has also appeared on BBC News, Sky News, C-Span and The Fox Nightly Scoreboard. His radio appearances have included Brain and the Judge, The Monica Crowley Show, The Joe Madison Show, The Tavis Smiley Show and The Bev Smith Show.

Selected Publications:

  • Metzler, Christopher J.
Barack Obama's Faustian Bargain and the Fight for America's Racial Soul Journal of Black Studies 2010 40: 395-410;

  • The Construction and Rearticulation of Race in a Post-Racial America (University of Aberdeen Press, 2008);

  • Providing Material Support to Violate The 4th Amendment: University of North Carolina Central Law Journal (Jan 2007;

  • When cuts have to be made: Tips for handling layoffs, Washington Business Journal, May 18-24, 2000;

  • Diversity Enrichment: A business Imperative for the 21st Century, Imperatives, Fall 2000;

  • Hiring The Diversity Consultant: Making Sure The Emperor Has Clothes Profiles In Diversity Journal, 2003;

  • Ten Reasons Why Diversity Initiatives Fail, The Diversity Factor, Volume 11, Number 2, Spring 2003 , pp. 18-21(4);

  • The Need for a Critical, Institutional Approach to Diversity in Organizations, The Diversity Factor, Volume 14, Number 1, Winter 2006 , pp. 35-40(6);

    Putting the focus on diversity: The differences do matter (ILR Impact Brief #17). Ithaca, NY: School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.



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